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Head of Department Mr M Williams, The Green School for Boys

Do you want to understand how Politics affects you? Do you wish to be part of the fastest-growing A-level nationally as a higher number of young adults arm themselves with the knowledge required to impact political decisions?

Please watch the subject video below for further information.


This course allows you to study contemporary politics and develop a strong understanding of the factors shaping both British and American systems. 

You will  gain insight into some of the great political ideas that have shaped the world. This subject encourages you to look beyond the constraints of the textbooks and apply your critical thinking skills to real life situations.

How will it be assessed?

Exam Board: Edexcel. Three exams at the end of Year 13.

Paper 1: UK Politics, focusing on political participation and core political ideas. (2 hours).

Paper 2: UK Government, focusing on the Prime Minister/Cabinet and Nationalism (2 hours).

Paper 3:  Comparative Politics, focusing on the US Government and Politics (2 hours).

Where will it lead?

 Politics is an extremely well regarded subject at A-level. In particular, Politics enhances your analytical and evaluative skills, to the extent that you are able to present your ideas in a coherent and fluid manner. You will also be well equipped to orally discuss your ideas with your colleagues when you enter the workplace.

Beyond the academic advantages, Politics also offers you the chance to:

Know your rights: Where do your rights start? What can the government not do? What  can you do to impact them?

Clarify what you believe: Exposing yourself to various ideologies and beliefs allows you to solidify what you believe or adapt based on your findings.

Inform yourself: At the age of 18 you will be able to vote, Politics enables you to understand that process in a way you would not do otherwise, and to make more informed decisions as a result.

Study a living, breathing subject: Politics is always changing, you will be able to engage with content that happens  around you every day which may very well effect your life.

Politics equips you for a multitude of career paths, ensuring you are particularly good at analysis and evaluation. Career paths most suited to these skills are journalism , all forms of media, politics , law, civil service, political research and diplomatic service.

Enrichment opportunities

 Visit to local universities for lectures and meetings with local MPs.

Entry requirements

 GCSE Grade 6 in English and grade 6 in a Humanities subject. Written ability is key in A-level Politics.