The Green School Sixth Form

Computer Science

Subject Lead: Ms N Mahomade, The Green School for Boys

For those who have studied Computer Science at GCSE level, Computer Science A-level will be a satisfying extension of current knowledge, both introducing new concepts to the table along with exposing some more complex ideas that were oversimplified beforehand.


For those who have little prior formal knowledge of Computer Science, but are undoubtedly passionate about it, studying A-level will be a challenging yet delightfully rewarding exposition to what is hopefully a story that will last your entire lifetime. 

How will it be assessed?

A-Level in Computer Science., two-year linear course. Exam board: AQA.

  • Paper 1: On-screen exam 2.5 . hours (40%)  

  • Paper 2: Written exam 2.5 hours (40%)

  • Paper 3: Programming Coursework (20%) 

Where will it lead?

A wise man once said, “A good programmer is a good anything…”

Studying Computer Science isn’t about the knowledge you gain from it, it’s about the way it teaches you to think. Of course, the world of technology has opened a vast number of opportunities to pursue Computer Science and programming as a career, but the psychology that underpins Computer Science, known as “computational thinking”, can be used to achieve great things no matter what you choose to do once you’ve left school. 

Enrichment Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to experience enrichment activities to complement your course such as visiting Bletchley Park or connecting with businesses such as CISCO or SKY. Our new Head of Department will plan enrichment according to the needs of the group.

Entry requirements

Grade 7 in Computer Science GCSE or Grade 7  in Maths GCSE.

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